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Frank Haasnoot

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Course program

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  • BASIL: pate sable, Joconde biscuit, mandarin marmelade, green apple cremeux, basil chantilly, neutral glacage, mirror glaze
  • BLUEBERRY TARTE:  pate sable, Joconde biscuit, blueberry jam, blueberry glacage, pastry cream, blueberries, violet candied (sosa) 
  • CARAMEL BANANA: streusel caramel, tonka caramel mousse, banana confit, marzipan, caramel glacage, dark chocolate sponge
  • PINEAPPLE COCO: choux puff, choux puff dough, coconut whip ganache, yuzu orange compote, pineapple coriander cream
  • COCO: coconut dacquoise + almond pieces, crumble, coconut chiboust, exotic pineapple compote, pineapple and yuzu confit, desiccated coconut, coconut powder (sosa), fresh lime zest 
  • LAVENDER: lavender sponge, crumble, lemon cremeux, lemon mousse, lavender chantilly, glacage, chocolate decor, sugar decor
  • MANGIFERA: vanilla mix cream, pistachio dacquoise,  mango cremeux, pate sable, frangipane, chocolate decoration, pistachio pieces, decoration flower, neutral glacage 
  • PIEMONT: hazelnut praline, hazelnut feuilletine, praline mousseline, hazelnut meringue, hazelnut powder/goldpowder, coffee whip ganache
  • PISTACHIO: pistachio mousseline, meringue, pistachio dacquoise, pistachio feuilletine, glacage, pistachio powder, raspberry confit 
  • POMME: almond crumble, Joconde biscuit, pate cigarette, vanilla chiboust, caramelized apple, vanilla whip ganache
  • TART CHOCOLATE: chocolate crumble, chocolate biscuit + whole hazelnuts, cocoa feuilletine, chocolate cremeux, cocoa praline, dark chocolate glacage 
  • TOURNESOL: madeleine, lemon confit, sunflower paste, lemon cremeux, sunflower glacage, chocolate decoration, lemon zest
  • VERDE: lemongrass sponge, lemongrass cream, exotic gel, mango mousse, chocolate decor, lime neutral glacage, pate sable

We are sincerely glad to invite you to participate in the unique courses of the Kiev International Culinary Academy

Best possibilities, technique and invaluable experience for everyone who is in love with confectionery from world-famous Pastry Chef.

Champion of the most prestigious in the world chocolate competition World Chocolate Masters, designer of the most popular among confectioners all over the world chocolate mould “Drop”, author of the most recognizable in the world of desserts and confectionery designs of Frank Haasnoot arrives in Kiev.


Pastry Chef of one of the most expensive hotels in the world Peninsula Hong Kong is coming to Ukraine to popularize the confectionery art and to show that to achieve a profound mastery is possible through intensive work on yourself!


We invite you to check photo and video made during the previous Frank Haasnoot course.

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