Practical course with Hans Ovando

Hans Ovando

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Course program

learn in a team of professionals


  • Mimosa: brioche, crème brûlée base, caramelized stewed pear, vanilla creamy, light spiced caramel, cream and vanilla mousse, chocolate caramel glaze, microwave hazelnut sponge cake 
  • Smashing pumpkin 2.0: pumpkin sponge cake, candied pumpkin in syrup, pumpkin creamy, mandarin orange gelée, pumpkin seeds streussel, pumpkin seed gianduja crunchy, pumpkin carrot mousse, italian meringue
  • Tropical Avocado banana and exotic fruits: peanuts lime daquoise, passion fruit and mango creamy, raw banana and lime compote, avocado banana mousse, italian meringue, vanilla white glaze, peanut streussel ring
  • Chessecake: parmesan crumble, herbs sponge cake, tomato & strawberry and basilic gelée, white chocolate & cheese and basilic mousse



  • Pistachio tartlet: pistachio sablée, pistachio financier dough, pistachio crunchy, cheese cream, srawberry and basil gelée, gianduja pistachio namelaka, pistachio glaze
  • Mojito Lemon-lime mint pie: brown sugar sablée, lemon cake, lime mint cream, syrup for cakes, lime-lemon light guimauve, lime brown sugar streussel, mint agar, mint water
  • Chocolate brownie tartlet: chocolate sablée, banana chocolate brownie, pecan nut crunchy, salted toffee, cocoa streussel, 2 chocolates creamy


  • New tiramisu chocolate, baileys, coffee and caramel: almond coffee streussel, almond financier sponge, syrup, chocolate baileys creamy, mascarpone vanilla whipped ganache, coffee caramel namelaka, salted toffee
  • Lemon, ginger, pineseed and honey travel cake: lemon ginger cake, base syrup for cakes, lemon lime soft purée, pine seed and white chocolate covering, pine seed gianduja for decoration
  • Apricot green tea cake: green tea sponge cake, green tea syrup, namelaka gianduja, apricot passion fruit jam, passion fruit and pistachio buttercream

We are sincerely glad to invite you to participate in the unique courses of the Kiev International Culinary Academy

To leave America to obtain the recognition in Europe. In 2008 Hans Ovando was titled as the best chocolatier of Spain. He knows there is no royal road to worldwide publicity among amateurs and professionals in pastry field. Hans received certificates in HOFMANN, ESPAISUCRE и VALRHONA’S L’ÉCOLE DU GRAND CHOCOLAT pastry schools. Each his teacher contributed greatly to his process of becoming professional pastry chef and professional chocolatier that came from Chilly.    


Pastry chefs and cooks exert themselves and spend forever to create distinct signature style in pastry tastes and its presenting.  Hans Ovando is a lucky man. Once he faced with true sign of faith, he met Carles Mampel, the founder of BuBó pastry boutique in Barcelona. He was the one who helped Hans Ovando to take a look at familiar techniques, tastes and texture combinations differently and release the fiber of experimentalist in ambitious chef.   


We are sincerely glad to invite you to take part in practical course of charismatic Spanish man, innovator and the master Hans Ovando.   


Under the guidance of the best teacher in pastry field of the highest level you will reproduce new program of summer desserts made in avant-guard shapes and appalling colors.


During three days you are going to…


  • absorb fundamental knowledge in pastry,
  • learn to understand what happens with ingredients under different processes influence,
  • master the unique techniques and the usage of professional tools in the kitchen,
  • make up your own recipes,
  • make extravagant combination of mouth-watering textures and attractive shapes.


Be demanding choosing the quality of food for studying. Trust us this choice!

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KICA team


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