Basic Pastry Course

Tetyana Verbytska

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Course program

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Nicolas Boussin course July 30 - August 2, 2018


Best pastry chef of France in 2000, vice-champion of the world confectionery art in 2002. Nicolas is a representative of the company Grand Marnier and one of the most elegant patisserie of nowdays.

Course program on the link Boussin.

Golden week August 13-16, 2018

Working with puff pastry, yeast dough, puff dough and shortcrust dough. Products that are filled with taste and aroma of fresh baking. We are working to give them the form, to make their taste the best.

  • Pecan nut tart – shortcrust dough, brown sugar syrup, сhocolate sponge Joconde, pecan nuts
  • Tart Tatin - shortcrust, caramelized apples, vanilla cream 
  • Strawberry and basil tart - shortcrust, almond cream, berries coulis, vanilla pastry cream, berries
  • Blueberry tart - shortcrust, almond cream, blueberry coulis, vanilla pastry cream, blackberry
  • Rhubarb tart 
  • Classical butter croissants
  • Almond croissants - puff yeast dough , almond cream 
  • Berry cheesecake
  • Vanilla raspberry eclairs
  • Coffee eclairs with praline
  • Aplle puff pie
  • Citrus Baba au rhum
  • Strawberry sorbet
  • Quiche with salmon and vegetables
  • Salted puff pie with lentils, potato and sausages 


The Basic Pastry course is performed by pastry chef Tetyana Verbytska and Nicolas Boussin. You may find out detailed information sending an email to our manager


Gateaux & Entremets August 6-9, 2018

Freezing the product allows us to give neat smooth shapes for mousse cakes. Assembling of biscuits, preparation of glaze, preparation of mousses, coulis, Cream, and also chocolate decors.
  • Rusty boat  – chocolate mousse, crunchy layer, chocolate sponge, ganache for coating
  • Ginger pearl -  chocolate ginger mousse, hazelnut crunch, chocolate glaze
  • Apple mirror - apple confit, streusel, vanilla mousse, hazelnut sponge-moelleux
  • Exotic bag– passion fruit mousse, banana mint confit, dacquoise sponge, mango and passion fruit juice glaze 
  • Strawberry truffle - shortcrust, pate a choux, wild strawberry marmelade, strawberry whipped ganache, velour
  • Yuzu bûche - sponge cuillere, orange confit, yuzu juice mousse , chocolate decoration
  • Black Forest buche - chocolate sponge, kirsh cherries, dark chocolate Chantilly cream, chocolate decoration 


Chocolate week August 20-23, 2018

What is a chocolate, what are special details of working with chocolate, what conditions are necessary for chocolate products to be of high quality. All these are discussed during the Chocolate Week. Chocolate coloring, Chocolate decors, preparation of chocolate candies in polycarbonate forms with two toppings and crispy layer, preparation of rifled candies, their glazing and decorating, preparation of truffles, modern chocolate Tarty and cakes, eclairs. As well as elements of confesseri -marshmallows and marmalade.

  • Candy lemon basil
  • Colored candy in polycarbonate mold - raspberry, yuzu, white chocolate
  • Candy with caramel and banana
  • Exotic candy – mango and passion fruit coulis, ganache with milk chocolate and passion fruit juice
  • Coriander praline candy with orange flavor
  • Chocolate Tartlet with caramel
  • Chocolate eclairs with pastry cream and crunchy layear 
  • Truffle with the rum flavor
  • Exotic snikers
  • Blackcurrant marshmallow
  • Grapefruit fruit paste with Timut pepper
  • Vanilla macarons with berries
  • Chocolate bar with shortbread and raspberry marmelade
  • Chocolate bar with orange confit, Grand Marnier liquor and cardamom praline crunchy 

If you want to feel yourself making a piece of art, to feel the delighting moment of creation of the harmony between the appearance and the taste of French pastry masterpiece, this course is for you!

What happens to you during 4 weeks of training in Academy:

  • You may feel that a well-organized work provides an opportunity to catch a lot without a rush.
  • You will breathe the air of France, be surprised with flavors that previously seemed to you simple and trivial.
  • You will discover a bouquet of new flavors: lemon grass and tonka bean, yuzu juice and sweetened chestnut puree.
  • You will see how to transform a static picture in flying and lively one, discover patterns in decoration process.
  • You will know that you can creat a dessert  with a little help from your teacher. You will be ready to surprise everyone with its beauty and taste. 


Your special offer as for a foreign student includes:

    • education
    • french uniform
    • lunches in Academy 
    • acoomodation in hotel (sngl room with breakfast) hotel is situated 15 minutes from school

Feel the KIСAtmosphere of one of the weeks of Basic pastry course, enjoy the video and photoalbum of diploma desserts made by our students

                 ДИПЛОМНЫЕ РАБОТЫ


Make first step in Pastry Art - get the diploma of Kiev International Culinary Academy!

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