Gateaux & Entremets

Karim Bourgi

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  • Animation citron - crunchy Ivory lemon, almond lemon sponge, lemon namelaka, lemon confit, Ivory citrus creamy, lime meringue mousse, lemon nappage, white almond icing
  • Baba exotic - baba dough, punch special baba, Ivory rum vanilla whipping ganache, pineapple marmelade, nappage baba   
  • Coin - hazelnut tender biscuit, caramelized hazelnut, crunchy hazelnut, Dulcey creamy, praline almond hazelnut, Dulcey supreme, caramel mirror glaze 
  • Flora - pistachio sponge, strawberry confit, namelaka Ivory chocolate, sablé pistachio, pink grapefruit glaze, french meringue, pistachio coating
  • La vie en rose - cigarettes russes mix, soft sponge, syrup for soaking, sublime cream, strawberry confit, almond vanilla whipping ganache
  • Legerté vanille - vanilla sablé, vanilla cake, caramelized almond, vanilla creamy, almond vanilla praline, light vanilla mascarpone cream, vanilla mirror glaze, white paint
  • Origine - sacher biscuit chocolat, vanilla creamy, crunchy chocolate, mousse Caraibes, chocolate mirror glaze, almond rochers coating
  • Rocher - hazelnut dacquoise, vanilla creamy, soft caramel, custard cream, meringue glucose, almond milk coating
  • Summer pavlova - crunchy meringue shell, strawberry marmelade, strawberry juice, strawberry Ivory whipping ganache
  • Tarte au chocolat 100% - chocolate shortcrust, chocolate moist biscuit, ganache chocolat, crème mousseuse au chocolat, milk chocolate glaze, nougatine chocolat
  • The brownie - brownie pecan p125, namelaka bahibe, milk chocolate icing, caramel chocolate sauce

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Meet Karim Bourgi in November 2018 in KICA!

The chef took third place at the annual competition "Le concours annuel Pâtissier dans le Monde" in 2014. And now Karim Bourgi is intensively preparing for the most significant competition in the life of each pastry chef - Coup du Monde de la pâtisserie!

For 6 years, the chef has been leading a team of confectioners Fauchon in Dubai. "It's became a serious challenge, and my professional life has really changed a lot!" - says Karim.

For the question of what desserts and with what combination of ingredients chef likes most, he answers - Chocolate. Chef adores Liselotte cake, which was specially invented by him for Maison du chocolat Paris.

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