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Nicolas Boussin

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  • GRAPHIK: hazelnut streusel, caramelized hazelnuts, croustillant, chocolate sponge cake Zaher, citrus confi, glucose meringue, dark chocolate mousse, mascarpone cream
  • SILVAÉ: pâte à choux dough with tonka beans, cream anglaise, glucose meringue, hazelnut cream, caramelized hazelnuts, sponge cake, glaze, gianduja decoration
  • MILKY WAY: pistachio dacquoise, kalamansi-pear compote, pastry cream, glucose meringue, light vanilla Diplomate cream, white glaze, mascarpone cream
  • GÂTEAU MOUCHE: milk chocolate brownie, banana compote, chocolate mousse, hazelnut crumble, velour
  • POP-CORN: shortbread, vanilla sponge cake with almond, dark liquid caramel, pop-corn infusion, meringue, pop-corn mousse, whip ganache,velour

  • ALBA: vanilla sponge cake with almond, apricot compote, meringue, condensed milk mousse, almond-hazelnut streusel, velour

  • HAZELNUT-LEMON: gum-arabic sirop, cream puff pastry, Diplomate cream with lemon and vanilla, caramelized hazelnuts, whip ganache, liquid praline

  • EMPRESS: coconut crunchy layer, mango compote with jasmine tea, rice and coco light cream, jasmine glaze, mascarpone cream

  • KING BRIOCHE: brioche dough, almond-lemon filling, crystallized oats, sirop

  • BRIOCHE CROWN: puff pastry brioche, sirop, citrus paste

  • ALMOND-BLACKCURRANT: pâte à cigarette, sponge cake, sirop, blackcurrant confi, almond whipped ganache, vanilla cream, glaze

  • BRAVE LEMON-FENNEL: pâte à choux, cream cheese and coco streusel, fennel juice, fennel compote, lemon cream, lemon-basil mousse, mascarpone cream, nappage

  • RASPBERRY NEST: croissant dough, cream cheese and matcha tea filling, raspberry compote

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Nicolas Boussin was born near Paris in 1965. His father was an engineer and his mother an accountant. He became passionate about the culinary arts at the age of 16, when he carried out a work placement at a renowned pastry shop in Chantilly, France. After completing his pastry exam in record time, Nicolas Boussin carried on his training and, in 1983, was awarded a cuisine diploma.

At the age of 22, Nicolas Boussin decided to focus on restaurant pastry and was put in charge of dessert preparation at the ”Toit de Passy” in Paris. His multi-disciplinary training gave him the perfect grounding to be innovative and create ever more original desserts.

In July 2014, Nicolas Boussin joined ELLE & VIRE PROFESSIONNEL® as Pastry Chef Instructor at “La Maison de la Crème Elle & Vire®” in order to share and pass on his passion for French pastry and top quality ingredients.


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