Perfect croissant practical course

Tetyana Ovrytska

Date: February, 25-28, 2019

Time: 9.00 am – 3.00 pm

Place: Ukraine, Kiev, 2 Novovokzalnaya St., Mary Kay Business Center

Number of people: 10-12 people

Language: translation from Russian to English

Format: practical

Price for participation in Academy: 520 EUR

International certificate


Course program

learn in a team of professionals


You will reveal all verges of your potential to make croissants. A few tens of tricks of croissants making and you will feel this process, enter into it and find out secrets of interplay between three pillars of the dough: water,flour and butter. Boulangerie showcase: pastry works of laminated dough, yeasted laminated dough, crisp odorous dough for quiches, and also theory and practice how to cook transparent marmalades and zephyr are waiting for you in super dynamic mode during the 4 days course from Tetyana Ovrytska.


February 25-26:


February 27-28:



  • Cabbage quiche 
  • Redfishquiche
  • Raspberry
  • Grapefruit and Sichuan pepper

We are sincerely glad to invite you to participate in the unique courses of the Kiev International Culinary Academy

You will get:

  • рlan of 12 levels explored step by step in order to know how to make high quality croissant starting from making ingredients to modes of baking pastry
  • opportunity to make step by step few types of croissants on practice, and boulangerie case of pastry works of yeasted laminated dough 
  • recomendations and explamation how certain sort of flour, butter, specific east type you need to use and why
  • you will get recomendations what kind of baking mode you need to use and why
  • tasting of fresh selection of Viennoiserie

This course is for you if:

  • you have great wish to learn how to make high quality croissants, you are professional or amateur
  • you need to know what ingredients, exactly flour, east, butter, will help you to achieve best result
  • you want to see process and pass it together with instructor from very beginning to impressive result
  • you are ready to take active participation in process
  • you want to taste what you made

Croissant  - pastry that obey true master. You want to be him? Come an find out what is the secret of real perfect croissant in it`s  best view.

Your instructor - perfectionist, narrow professional in working with yeasted laminated dough. Tetyana Ovrytska - founder of cafe Tokasa.


Sincerely yours,

KICA team

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With love,

KICA team