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During study at the Basic Pastry Course, you will receive valuable knowledge about the basics of French pastry art, practical skills and new ideas for decorating desserts.

You work only under the guidance of world-known and the best instructors, with the highest quality ingredients, get proven and reliable recipes, go through not only theoretical training, but also train to put this theory into practice.

Only at this Basic Pastry Course you can work hand by hand with the famous pastry-chef MOF Nicolas Boussin.


from 4 November to 28 November


from 09:00 till 15:00, Mon-Tue

Language: English with translation to Russian

Price: 2,380.00 

Master-class is organized as Practice - you work together with the chef, participate in all processes, have opportunity to ask questions. You will have a recipe-books with you with a description of all the recipes and processes. Lunch break for 1 hour (included in the price), at the end of the master class you receive a certificate of participation.


Tetyana Verbytska

KICA Owner and brend-chef

Student of 30 strongest pastry-chefs in the world: Cedric Grolet, Julien Alvarez, Nicolas Boussin, Karim Bourgi, Johan Martin.

Author of the book pastry book  “Woman, Elegance and oven.”

Creator of an international pastry school, where several hundred students from more than 30 countries of the world took a Basic Pastry Course.

Creator of online pastry school, 13,000 students.

Creator of the school’s Instagram account, which has more than 155,000 subscribers.

Creator of the YouTube channel, more than 30,000 subscribers.



Event Details

1. Star week November 4 – 7, 2019

Instructor Nicolas Boussin


Nicolas Boussinis one of the most powerful and elegant chefs of modern France. MOF pâtissier 2000 & chef formateur à la Maison de la Crème Elle & Vire.

Joconde biscuit, mascarpone cream decoration, tatin style apples, tatin glaze, buckwheat crumble, reconstituted buckwheat crumble, vanilla Sublime, decoration

Rolled biscuit, mandarin soaking syrup, mandarin and chesnut filling, chesnut mousse, oat crisp, reconstituted crisp, glaze, decoration

Chocolate crunch, chocolate choux pastry, crème pâtissière, white chocolate ganache, peanut praline, vanilla cream, gourmet coating, decorative cream

  • Salted braid for aperitif

Croissant dough, goat cheese, curry sauce, pesto

  • Traditional French Canneles

Puff pastry, creme patissiere, soaked raisins, frangipane

Etienne biscuit, guava and mango compote, glucose meringue, lemongrass mascarpone mousse, almond streusel, reconstituted shortbread, decorative elderflower cream, guava glaze, chocolat rose, sublime cream

  • Tart “Rivera”

Sable breton with olives, decorative almond dough, biscuit, lemon syrup, lemon cream, lemon mousse, basil gel, glaze

Delicate pistachio biscuit, grapefruit compote, cream cheese mousse, shortcrust pastry, pink velor


2. Golden week November 11 – 14, 2019

Instructor – Alexandr Trofimenkov


You will reveal all verges of your potential to make croissants. A few tens of tricks of croissants making and you will feel this process, enter into it and find out secrets of interplay between three pillars of the dough: water,flour and butter. Boulangerie showcase: pastry works of laminated dough, yeasted laminated dough, crisp odorous dough for quiches, and also theory and practice how to cook transparent marmalades and zephyr are waiting for you in super dynamic mode during the first week of the Basic Course.


3. Chocolate week November 18 – 21, 2019

Instructor – Alexandr Trofimenkov


Chocolate week will make you get rid of fear of chocolate, teach you how to temper it easily and with pleasure and get amazing glossy chocolate surface. To fill the chocolate showcase of the Chocolate boutique in an excellent way, we will go through theory and practice how to cook ganache, praline, crisp fillings, berry and fruit confit and chocolate bonbons coating. The production of cut bonbons assortment of and bonbons made in polycarbonate molds, making two chocolate bars with 2 fillings, decorating bonbons and bars with color, cooking creatively different chocolate snacks are waiting for you during the Chocolate week.

4. Gateaux & Entremets November 25 – 28, 2019

Instructor – Alexandr Trofimenkov


At Cakes and petits gateaux course it is essential to gain not just practice and knowledge, but also pleasure from each stage. Cooking, assembling, appearance, tasting. When textures are glossy, when the assembling process is arranged at a rhythmical pace, glazes level, decorations looks harmonically, pastry works are neat and well-kept, the final showcase delights as well as cut of each work and its taste. You will see true secret in action about how the organization of primary processes influences the final appearance of the pastry work and your pleasure from experience in pastry field.

Creations in the program might be changed with new upgrades
School might change instructors for that course



  • You may feel that a well-organized work provides an opportunity to catch a lot without a rush.
  • You will breathe the air of France, be surprised with flavors that previously seemed to you simple and trivial.
  • You will discover a bouquet of new flavors: lemongrass and tonka bean, yuzu juice, and sweetened chestnut puree.
  • You will see how to transform a static picture in flying and lively one, discover patterns in decoration process.
  • You will know that you can create a dessert with a little help from your teacher. You will be ready to surprise everyone with its beauty and taste.


Use our special offer for the foreign students that includes:

  • transfer airport/hotel – hotel/airport
  • education
  • lunches in Academy
  • accommodation in hotel (single room with breakfast) hotel is situated 15 minutes from school


Price for special offer is 4340 EUR.


After finishing Basic pastry course you will receive a diploma in french-english language.

Feel the KIСAtmosphere of one of the weeks of Basic pastry course, enjoy the photoalbum of diploma desserts made by our students


Basic Pastry course in KICA

World famous pastry chefs in KICA

Make first step in Pastry Art
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