Cédric Grolet is undoubtedly one of the hottest names in the pastry world. He was chosen as the Pâtissier of the Year 2015 by Le Chef Magazine, the Best Pastry Chef 2016 by Relais Desserts Excellence Awards, and the winner of Les Grandes Tables du Monde’s Best Restaurant Pastry Chef last year.

Join KICA in July to see with your own eyes how the most wanted pastry chef in the world do marvelous desserts


from 6 July to 8 July


from 09:00 till 18:00

Language: French with translation into Russian and English

Price: 950.00 

Work at the master class is organized according to the principle of the Demo - the chef prepares, and you watch, record and remember. The chef answers all questions, gives you the opportunity to try everything that he cooks. You will have a summary in your hands with a description of all the recipes and processes. You can shoot videos and take photos on your phone. There is a lunch break for 1 hour (not included in the price), at the end of the master class you will receive a certificate of participation.


Cédric Grolet

Pastry Chef

His grandfather owned a hotel with a restaurant. This is where Cedric Grolet made his first professional steps. At the age of 13 he would work in a bakery during the holidays. He was 14 when he entered pastry ice cream school. Later Ceric Grolet participated in a variety of competitions winning awards and medals. He was invited by famous Parisian deli Fauchon. Afterwards, Cedric Grolet opened Fauchone branch in another capital – Beijing. The last stage – an upscale restaurant affiliated with five-star hotel downtown Paris.


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Cedric Grolet class in KICA

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