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KICA Confectionery School was founded in 2013 in Kiev by confectioner Tatyana Verbitskaya, with the assistance of the best confectionery schools in France. Today, the school is well known to professionals and amateurs around the world, thanks to the high level of teaching and the organization of the educational process.

One of the most useful for students of the school's innovation in the field of confectionery education is live online broadcasts and video recordings of master classes by the strongest French chefs. Broadcast of the master class allows you to get the best possible education quality at the lowest price.

KISA Confectionery School in terms of price - quality is one of the most attractive confectionery schools in the world today. Short-term courses are taught by the best French teachers. Without exception, they have high international and French awards. Long-term courses are taught by the teacher and founder of the school Tatyana Verbitskaya. The teacher is fluent in French and at least 6 times a year undergoes training and upgrades qualifications from French chefs.


  • Basic course, 4 weeks of practical training, full-time . Both the Russian-speaking and English-speaking participants from dozens of countries come to the Basic Course.
  • Basic course, 4 weeks of practical training, evening uniform . Both the Russian-speaking and English-speaking participants from dozens of countries come to the Basic Course.
  • Courses of the best pastry chefs in France . French masters who amaze the quality of every gesture.
  • Demo classes - the chef prepares, and you watch, record and remember. The chef answers all questions, gives you the opportunity to try everything that he cooks. You will have a summary in your hands with a description of all the recipes and processes
  • Practical exercises - direct participation in the learning process, preparation of products with the chef.
  • Online broadcast of pastry courses of French chefs, online marathons, online Basic pastry course . Today, our students of online classes are people from more than 50 countries of the world.
  • Trips to pastry schools in France, Spain, Italy .



Tatyana Verbitskaya, 40 years old

In 2013, founded the Kiev International Confectionery School KISA in Kiev.

The school is the first in the world that made it possible for everyone to study with the best chefs in France, On Line and in the school hall.

Several hundred students from more than 30 countries of the world come here to Kiev every year for confectionery training. More than 10 thousand people around the world watch online workshops.

Tatyana Creator of one of the most popular Instagram accounts for confectionery schools in the world.

In 2017, Tatyana Verbitskaya’s best-selling book, Elegance and the Oven, was published in Russian and English. Currently, 2 more books are being prepared for release.

A student of the best pastry chefs in the world, a chef with many years of experience in teaching pastry, author of the best-selling confectionery book Elegance and Oven, the book was published in Russian and English.

Judge of the King of Desserts project on 1 + 1 channel.


Dilia, Seattle

Each day of training was special. Tatyana Verbitskaya knows how to help in time, suggest how to do it or not,  point out our strengths. I chose this course with the confidence that it will be the most correct decision in my professional career. And I do not regret a single minute. Now I will only go forward and study, study, and once again study the art of pastry. And for this I am grateful to Tetyana Verbytska and the KICA pastry school.

9 October 2019

Tetyana, Dortmund

I was impressed by the very good organization of the courses, the variety of recipes, as well as teaching us not only to work with the available recipes, but also to understand them as “formulas” for making changes in tastes, textures, we worked only with high-quality ingredients. To my own surprise,modern  tastes and textures could not push for me the classics of French pastry art, which is presented in this course.

9 October 2019

Lily Gmyria

Good day to all. Today is Thursday and it’s a little sad that opening the mail does not get the next lesson. Thank you all for participating in the marathon, for questions, for likes, for comments. We have become a little closer from all over the world, because we were united by a love to beautiful, delicious. I am not new to our business, but I didn’t do tartlets, and if I did, then it’s definitely not the way it should. Thanks to the marathon, I learned a lot of useful and interesting things. Thanks to Tatyana for organizing this marathon, for excellent recipes. For the answers here and at to the e-mails. Personally, I was very interested. I wish to everyone don`t stop, try on and on.

9 October 2019

Anna, Kiev

There are a lot of impressions! Thanks first to Tatyana for the ability to organize people, especially me. On the first day with burning eyes, on the last day they burn even more. Now a lot is clear, before the course I had no idea what trimolin and tempering of chocolate are. I really liked the week with chocolate and eclairs, as this was the first experience. I had previously seen only on Instagram. Cool when it turns out and you see the final successful result. Thanks!

9 October 2019


Dear Tatyana! Thank you very much for your support, knowledge and response. I will continue to work and improve! Honestly, I am incredibly grateful for this marathon. You respond and direct in such detail, like no one else. After your course, I found incredibly great achievements for myself: 1. I am finally not afraid of tartlets. 2. I learned how to work with completely new ingredients (xanthan gum, different types of sugar, etc.) 3. Ganache and mousses !!! Everything became clear about them, how to beat and how to add ingredients. Thanks!!! Waiting for new online courses.

9 October 2019

Darina, Crimea

The basic course at KICA is the first course I have taken in my life. It is impossible to choose the most vivid impressions of the course, since every moment was memorable. KICA school and Tatyana Verbitskaya taught me a lot, taught me how to be organized, taught me how to go about my goal, and not be afraid of difficulties. I am grateful for every day I spent at school, for getting to know a wonderful team, for the knowledge, theory and practice that I was able to learn.

6 October 2019


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