Pastry school Кiev International Culinary Academy is pastry education of high quality available in Ukraine.


   Pastry school Kiev International Culinary Academy KICA was founded in 2013 in Kiev by pastry chef Tetyana Verbytska with the assistance of the best pastry schools of France. The high level of teaching and learning process organisation made the school well-known among professionals and amateurs all over the world.


  The main aims of the educational programmes are to teach technologies of modern French pastry and to create excellent aesthetics and taste of the final product appearance and serving. One of the most useful innovations in pastry education of the school is live stream of the most brilliant French pastry chefs’ master classes.

KICA school provides:


Why should you choose KICA school for practical education:

 KICA pastry school offers the best value for money all over the world. The best French pastry chefs honored with high-valued international and French awards give short-term courses, and long-term courses are taught by Tetyana Verbytska. The teacher speaks French fluently and about six times a year she advances in skill taking training course in French chefs.


In case you decide to fall into the ranks of professional pastry chefs, KICA school offers basic theory and practice to take off.





  Best regards,
  Tetyana Verbytska
  Pastry Сhef and founder of

  Kiev International Culinary Academy