Yann Couvreur

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Pari-Brest: crispy pastry dough, cream with hazelnut praline, nugatin and fried hazelnut

Eclair chestnut cassis: crispy pastry dough, chestnut ganache, confit cassis, chestnut cream, chestnut glaze

Merveilleux Praline: Meringue, hazelnut paste, ganache milk chocolate, glaze milk chocolate and hazelnut

Lime tart with mint: sweet dough, lime cream, Swiss meringue, lime confit, lime segments, milk and white chocolate, hazelnut, royalltine

Millefeuille with vanilla: crunchy kouign-amann, vanilla cream, Fleur d"Orange and spices

Ecrin Irish Coffee: coffee parfait, Baileys ganache, vanilla cream, meringue ecrin


Praline Rose: Dough for croissant, almond cream, praline Rose

Pistachio Roll: croissant dough, pistachio cream

Croissant/bun with chocolate



We are sincerely glad to invite you to participate in the unique courses of the Kiev International Culinary Academy

Chef gained invaluable experience and knowledge when he worked in 5 stars palaces in Paris.  One day the Chef decides to leave his job in hotel and to devote himself to pastry arts. In 2016 he opens his first pastry shop in Paris. In 2017 - the second pastry shop opens its doors and the first book of the Chef "La Pâtisserie de Yann couvreur" is published.


The famous Millefeuille with vanilla Madagascar became the chef's signature dessert. This dessert has won many awards. Thin crispy kouign-amann, vanilla cream, fleur d ' Orange and spices, all of this together drives the mind of many gourmets. One of the highlights of this dessert, is that the chef pipe out the Vanilla Cream and does the assembly of Millefeuille at the last minute before to be served and he does it right in front of you.


If you want to learn the secrets of preparing the Millefeuille, to understand what it is " kouign-amann", as well as to taste other chef's desserts, join us to the Yann Couvreur master class, that will be held from 16 to 18 February at our KICA school.


Now, you don't need to fly to Paris just to try some of the best French desserts. KICA team makes your dreams come true!!!


Anyway, you know that Paris is always a good idea {#emotions_dlg.wink}

Enjoy the inspiring pictures from the course by the link.


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