On the course, the Chefs will share their tricks and techniques for coloring candy, tell about the nuances of working with cocoa butter, chocolate and fillings for sweets and bars. You can learn unique designs, learn all about the theory of tempering chocolate, the necessary inventory



from 13 November to 15 November


from 09:00 till 18:00

Language: Russian with translation to English

Price: 490.00 

Work at the master class is organized according to the principle of the Demo - the chef prepares, and you watch, record and remember. The chef answers all questions, gives you the opportunity to try everything that he cooks. You will have a summary in your hands with a description of all the recipes and processes. You can shoot videos and take photos on your phone. There is a lunch break for 1 hour (not included in the price), at the end of the master class you will receive a certificate of participation.


Andrey Dubovik & Ronya Belova

Ronya Belova and Andrey Dubovik, legends in the world of chocolate, brought body candy to a new level. Their designs are completely unique and impress with their creativity.


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