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Cecile Moritel is à food blogger and culinary designer, Thanks to her gorgeous creations featuring subtle flavours and elegant decorations, she has been a regular winner of some prestigious pâtisserie contests.

On May 25, in Kiev, chef will present her new Spring program of 12 products that during practical class participants will make together with the chef under her guidance. The program includes cakes, tartlets and gateaux.

Register for a practical master class, learn from one of the best chef of France these 3 days.


from 25 May to 27 May


from 09:00 till 16:00

Language: French with translation into Russian and English

Price: single payment of 650.00  or 2 payments of 325.00 

Master-class is organized as Practice - you work together with the chef, participate in all processes, have opportunity to ask questions. You will have a recipe-books with you with a description of all the recipes and processes. Lunch break for 1 hour (included in the price), at the end of the master class you receive a certificate of participation.


Cecile Moritel

creator of Professional Pastry Training Center, « Créations by Cécile »


Event Details

Cake lemon, punch agrumes, grumes gelee, Crémeux lemon cremeux, kumkat confit, lemon marshmallow

Cake pecan, vanilla syrup, caramel, caramelized pecan, gourmet glaze

Zephir caramel crumble, hazelnut dacquoise, raspberry confit, red fruit creameux, raspberry mousse, miror glaze

Sweet vanilla dough, hazlnut cream, zephir caramel ganache, caramel, tatin apple confit, chocolate decor

Shortbread, almond sponge cakes, mango Caramel,  mango Cremeux, lemon cheese-cream mousse, miror glaze, chocolate decor

chocolate pécan sponge cake, Streusel pecan, chocolate tonka cremeux, Caramel - milk chocolate Mousse, miror glaze

Cocoa grue crumble, Streusel pecan, hazelnut dacquoise, kalamansi confit, praline cremeux, hazelnut praline Mousse, miror glaze

  • Tartelettes vanilla

Sweet vanilla dough, vanilla financier sponge, duja crunchy, vanilla praline, vanilla cremeux, vanilla mascarpone Mousse, miror glaze

Sweet vanilla dough, Pistachio cream, raspberry Confit, pistachio praline, pistachio namelaka

Sweet vanilla dough, hazelnut cream, lemon cream, 3 limes cream, lemon gele,  marshmallow lemon

Choux paste, Craquelin, peanut Caramel, Praline cream, gourmet glaze, orange confit

Crumble, lime cream, lime sponge cake, ivory coconut mousse, exotic confit, gourmet glaze


Program of the course can be changed