For those who wish to feel  how is it to work with world famous chef on one kitchem, KICA invites you to join MOF Nicolas Boussin practical class. One of the most impressive chef of France will present new program in September 7 - 9 in KICA.


from 7 September to 9 September


from 09:00 till 16:00

Language: French with translation into Russian and English

Price: single payment of 650.00  or 2 payments of 325.00 

Master-class is organized as Practice - you work together with the chef, participate in all processes, have opportunity to ask questions. You will have a recipe-books with you with a description of all the recipes and processes. Lunch break for 1 hour (included in the price), at the end of the master class you receive a certificate of participation.


Nicolas Boussin

Best Pastry Chef of France

Nicolas Bussin, the best pastry-chef in France 2000, the world vice-champion for pastry art in 2002, a representative of Grand Marnier and one of the most elegant confectioners of our time.

“The line should be thin. To speak correctly is not le souce, but la souce. ” 

After a 12-hour working day, he shares recipes, consults everyone, gives an interview to a dozen journalists. Passion and generosity are on the verge of possible.

He begins his class with a warm and sincere welcome and encourage to ask him questions. He is glad when people ask, for him this is a sign that they want to move forward. Each time he adds: “Ask questions even if they are not on the topic of this course.”


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Program of the course can be changed

Buy a Master Class right now for 650.00  in a single payment, or in 2 payments of 325.00 

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