Vanille Kipferl

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Shortbread dough vanilla Kipferl (Total 355 gr)

  • 35 grsugar
  • 1vanilla pod
  • 120 grbutter
  • 140 grflour
  • 60 gralmond powder


Vanilla sugar(Total 100 gr)

  • 100 grsugar
  • 1 vanilla pod



1. Preparation of dough: Mix sugar, vanilla, butter, flour and almond powder until smooth. Divide the dough into portions on 120 gr. Using the ruler and baking paper, give the dough a sausage shape.Cool down. Cut to pieces. Cook at 150C during 25min.


2. Preparation of vanilla sugar:Mix in bowl of a mixer with knives sugar with vanilla bean or vanilla seeds with sugar.


3. When cookies will be ready and cooled, sprinkle with sugar.

Chef's recipe:

Tetyana Verbytska