Tetyana Verbytska

Date: 30th May - 20th of June, 2019

Place: Kiev, Ukraine

Amount of students: 8 - 10 people

Time: 09.00 a.m - 3.00 p.m

Training days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Languages: English and Russian

Price 3 490 EUR includes accommodation, transfer



Next Basic Pastry Course on July 8 - August 1st

1. The practical course Champion of Spain Hans Ovando May 30 - June 2, 2019

Instructor Hans Ovando

 The course consists of two parts:

First part. May 30 - 31 - Chocolate. Level 2

Second part. June 1 - 2 - program of creative pastry and cake collection 2019 

New tendencies healthy allergy and intolerance products

  • Snow White: yoghurt mousse, raspberry creamy and jelly, and yoghurt sponge with yoghurt crumble. (Sugar free, low fat)
  • Moon footprint: roasted hazelnut creamy, apple and cinnamon with vanilla caramel and chocolate supreme, cocoa and nibs streusel. (Gluten free, lactose free)

Creation of you own silicone moulds for cake and pastry

  • Green olives Can: olive oil sponge with green olive mousse, and tomato and red pepper jelly
  • Smashing pumpkin 2.0: pumpkin sponge, pumpkin crunchy, mandarin orange jelly, pumpkin creamy with pumpkin slow confit and carrot and pumpkin mousse 


New concept in presentation and packaging concept

  • Big mac burguer: brioche bread, french toast with 2 chocolate supreme, and fruit mustard and keptchup
  • Six pax eggs: white chocolate lime mousse, with mango passion fruit, banana jelly and coconut crumble and sponge
  • Apricot Jamaica pepper cheese cake: traditional cheese cake slow cook with crumble and apricot Jamaica and pepper jam


The new ones from always. Traditional combinations of flavours  with a new point of view from a pastry side

  • Pears tartlet, gianduja and caramel: hazelnut sablee, gianduja crunchy, caramel supreme, caramelized pear and caramel and vainilla glaze

 2. Chocolate week June 3 - 6, 2019
 Instructor - Tetyana Verbytska

Chocolate week will make you get rid of fear of chocolate, teach you how to temper it easily and with pleasure and get amazing glossy chocolate surface. To fill the chocolate showcase of  the Chocolate boutique in an excellent way, we will go through theory and practice how to cook ganache, praline, crisp fillings, berry and fruit confit and chocolate bonbons coating. The production of cut bonbons assortment of and bonbons made in polycarbonate molds, making two chocolate bars with 2 fillings, decorating bonbons and bars with color, cooking creatively different chocolate snacks are waiting for you during the Chocolate week. 


If you want to feel yourself making a piece of art, to feel the delighting moment of creation of the harmony between the appearance and the taste of French pastry masterpiece, this course is for you!

What happens to you during 4 weeks of training in Academy:

  • You may feel that a well-organized work provides an opportunity to catch a lot without a rush.
  • You will breathe the air of France, be surprised with flavors that previously seemed to you simple and trivial.
  • You will discover a bouquet of new flavors: lemongrass and tonka bean, yuzu juice, and sweetened chestnut puree.
  • You will see how to transform a static picture in flying and lively one, discover patterns in decoration process.
  • You will know that you can create a dessert with a little help from your teacher. You will be ready to surprise everyone with its beauty and taste. 


Use our special offer for the foreign students that includes:

  • transfer airport/hotel – hotel/airport
  • education
  • lunches in Academy  
  • accommodation in hotel (single room with breakfast) hotel is situated 15 minutes from school


After finishing Basic pastry course you will receive a diploma in french-english language. 

Feel the KIСAtmosphere of one of the weeks of Basic pastry course, enjoy the video and photoalbum of diploma desserts made by our students

                 ДИПЛОМНЫЕ РАБОТЫ


Make first step in Pastry Art - get the diploma of Kiev International Culinary Academy!

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With love,

KICA team

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